On equivocation

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On equivocation

Post by Clayton » Tue May 08, 2018 4:12 am

"The empty vessel makes the loudest sound"

Let's start with a simple fact: there are fools in the world. What is a fool? Someone who has the capacity to make (significantly) better choices but actively refuses to do so and - not only this - revels in this state of affairs. Now, this definition could fit any one of us at various points in our lives - I have acted foolishly. But the fool is more than someone who acts foolishly. The fool is more than someone who is habitually foolish. The fool is someone who values folly as a matter of nullifying dignity with indignity. "As the dog returns to its vomit and the sow to her wallowing in filth, so the fool returns to his folly." The fool is like a dog that does not know its place, a dog that has begun to think that it is actually a human being.

Not all opinions are equally valid. Megaphones and riots cannot lend a single iota of credence to an opinion. But then, seizing control of the power-centers of society does not lend validity to the opinions of those who wield power. The fools in power just wear better clothes, drive nicer cars and eat at better restaurants than the fools protesting against power - they are the same breed.

If I speak the truth and you contradict me, your opinion is not equal to mine. Even if you get yourself crowned king. Even if you build a multi-billion dollar corporate empire. If you could build a lever big enough to move the entire Earth out of its place, even then, your opinion is not equal to mine because my opinion has nothing to do with me, I am merely a conduit through which the truth is speaking. I am merely assenting to the unalterable structure of what is and that is what you are contradicting.

All the forms of folly I see around me are just variations on this one theme: equivocating foolishness with truth.

In the long run, there is no possibility of escaping the consequences of your actions - that is the truth. This world system is an extended rhapsody on the false premise that the criminal who "gets away" has gotten the upper hand over his victims. "Oh, no, the State catches criminals and punishes them." No, the State - and its cronies in religion and commerce - is the single greatest criminal and hates competition. Plus, punishing petty criminals helps reinforce its deceptive PR image of being a champion of the people. The State is not the root cause of society's ills but the apologetic for the State plays an integral role in perpetuating the sepsis of modern human culture. Smash in your neighbor's windshield and go to jail. Join a police department and be sent at the lease of a judge, and you are doing justice - same car, same neighbor. Do you see the fallacy? "It's only a sin if you act alone or in a small group. Join a big enough gang and it's God's work." The apologetic for the State is the ultimate equivocation because the ultimate proof of the State's justness is supposed to be the fact of its existence. It is. Therefore, it is right.

I have to admit that I am baffled by the degree of equivocation which can be supported in the artificial environment. In the natural environment, the degree of equivocation that Nature admits is approximately zero. There are no special rules. There are no loopholes. If you're a tasty fish and you swim in shark-infested waters, you're likely to get eaten. That is how Nature deals with equivocation and this is why predators act like predators and prey acts like prey. In human society, we have believed our own myth, we have begun to believe we really are gods. Dogs maybe ("dog" and "god" are convenient anagrams, no?), but not gods. Even though I am baffled by our present situation, I am convinced that the degree of equivocation which is actually supported by the wider Universe is exactly zero. And that's the scariest prospect of all, because that means that the human species is already in the jaws of something that preys on cosmic folly... we just don't realize it. In the end, there is no equivocation, there is just the crunching of the fool's bones in the predator's jaws.

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