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I'm back

Post by Clayton » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:39 am

I located the forum's ignore feature and have placed an individual on this forum whose presence I find absolutely intolerable on ignore. It's not ideal, but it's a middle-ground, I guess.

I've been following Q and this has given me reason to seek some discussion/interaction online. Things appear to be heating up on the global stage. All Q-related reddit communities were banned from the reddit platform on the 12th, a truly stunning move. I'm surprised they made that call since it's skirting on bringing more attention to Q by making a martyr of him. I think the strategy right now is "follow Q at your own risk."

To be clear, I'm not drinking the Q Kool-Aid. I'm maintaining a "wait and see" stance to see how this thing plays out. What's clear is that Q is touching a nerve. If it weren't, they wouldn't be responding with the Big Hammer. And that, among other factors, is what has drawn my attention.

One battle-front is pretty clearly defined, even for us outside observers: the Web itself. The cyber-warfare divisions of the world's most cyber-oriented governments are not really directed at foreign governments (though they could be), they're all targeted at the users of the Web. More or less all governments have the same interest in controlling the flow of information and shaping public opinion. You can't get away with abusing people en masse unless you can also muzzle them.

The straight-line theory about Q is that it is a group in military intelligence that is working directly with President Trump to shut down child-trafficking rings and take down "The Deep State". While I like the idea that the good guys are in control, this is the part that has me the most undecided. The military might very well be less corrupt than the civilian agencies but a military coup (even in the digital sphere) is not desirable. Such coups invariably come to a bad end (mostly for the public).

As far as the Q-vs-Deep State war goes, I don't have a dog in that fight, per se. But I am tangled up in another war and what I see in common between these wars is that (a) it's only going to get hotter, (b) the world has never seen a war like this before and (c) it's for the duration, there is no quick path to victory for the good guys. We're talking about a long, grueling slog to Mordor, not a Jason Bourne sprint to the finish line.

Praying Medic's newbie video for anyone who is new to Q:

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Re: I'm back

Post by Physiocrat » Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:58 pm

Good to see you
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