The State of the U.K.

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The State of the U.K.

Post by FvS » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:03 am

How are things going for you guys? I keep hearing dark things that make it seem like Britain's going full 1984. Not that America is any better...

"Most whites do not have a racial identity, but they would do well to understand what race means for others. They should also ponder the consequences of being the only group for whom such an identity is forbidden and who are permitted no aspirations as a group." - Jared Taylor

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Re: The State of the U.K.

Post by Physiocrat » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:00 am

Unfortunately that picture is pretty accurate. Sadiq Kahn, the Great Caliph of the London, rather than focusing on the huge number of stabbings is rather bringing in diversity targets for cyclists because they are too white and male. Further, a guy who ran a shooting YouTube channel has decided to close it because the police wouldn't renew his firearms license because his channel was a hotbed for extremism i.e. posters advocated for second amendment style rights.
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Re: The State of the U.K.

Post by Tom Rogers » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:40 pm

The 'U.K.' is, I hope, finished. I hope that in the process of destroying the white working class, our benighted rulers end up killing themselves. I will certainly be giving them a helping hand. They have been financialised and internationalised and have no concept of national community. They are like a Japanese maple tree shorn of its roots: good as ornamentation, perhaps, but of no use and destined for the compost heap in the long run. They seem to think that they can kick away the ladder and millions of non-whites will willingly be their dumb, pliant servants. I believe they are about to be disabused of such errored notions.

When the Grenfell Tower disaster happened, Theresa May had the brass-neck to visit the local community, which is mainly made up of non-whites. At one point, it looked like they might lynch her. If they had done, I would have been cheering them on. And if the Islamic terrorists would resolve to target the British ruling class, especially the whites, I would happily disburse them funds. Would £100.00-a-month do? I'll set up a direct debit, help them buy the necessary arms and explosives.

Britain, on the other hand, will live on as long as there are men willing to fight. While I am convinced that electoral politics is the way forward, I assume I am among adult men here, so let's be under no illusions: this can only be resolved violently, and any electoral gains can only be for the aim of establishing the base of a revolutionary political movement. There is also an element of personal choice that comes into this: some people are not violent and recoil from it. Personally, I trust in violence and believe in it as a cleansing force. I would rather go down honourably than become a meek supplicant to people who clearly hate me and want to eradicate me genetically. And ultimately, if the fight is lost, there are other places. Britain need not be an island in the north-east Atlantic. It could be anywhere, though personally, I am not moving. It's do or die. I will stand my ground to the last. I'm just working out in my own mind what I should do, what I can contribute.

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